Who We Are: @Dare West Homes

Welcome to Dare West Homes

Darewest is an innovative and wealth building property investing and entrepreneur creating company. Darewest has solution for investors, entrepreneurs or private individual who want to make more money in the property world. Invest and create a better life for freedom and choice of secure profit which we belief this is you! Welcome on board to Darewest property portfolio building, your completely hand free solution for high yield passive income from property chains.

Darewest property portfolio building offers excellently for people with funds to invest in property, who are busy and do not have knowledge or experience needed. And in Darewest portfolio, we will within twenty-four months from the date of registration and purchase contract, build for the client a property portfolio of their choice, which shall have a gross market value of one hundred million naira and above, depending on individual financial capability. We work for array of clients including teachers, Bankers, Business owners, Directors and Professional property Investors, Politicians, Churches, and Organizations.